Retire on Your Own Terms

In looking at what is written on the subject of early retirement, you will find a large number of articles written about ways to live cheap.  By cutting your expenses, you free up money to put toward paying off debt and increasing your savings.  Adopting a lifestyle that is not driven by rampant consumerism and consumption means a person needs less money to have a successful early retirement.  Many writers are addressing people who need to cut their spending drastically in order to get ahead.  The extreme money saving suggestions that they make, such as furnishing your entire house from Craig’s list or buying all of your clothes from Goodwill, are just not going to happen in families who are earning multiples of the average American’s income.  The underlying concept of spending less than you make still applies however, and there is much to learn about living a life where you have enough rather than always wanting more.  Mr. Money Mustache is a self-described Badass when it comes to having a great life while positioning yourself for financial freedom. His blog is one of the best ones out there to inspire you to get a grip on your spending and become able to choose how you spend your days.

In this column MMM talks about some of the things that people deal with as they contemplate retirement.

Pension, Schmension! Retire on your own terms

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